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wood planer reviews


Dewalt dw 735

thickness planer reviews

surface planer reviews


wood planer reviews


Dewalt dw735

wood planer reviews

surface planer reviews



wood planer reviews


Makita 2012nb

thickness planer reviews

thickness planer reviews



wood planer reviews


Delta 22-590

surface planer reviews

wood planer reviews



Wood Planer Reviews

By Mark Adams Senior Editor, Wood Tools Magazine

I imagine since you are considering a thickness planer and this is not your first woodworking tool purchase.  That you’re an experienced woodworker.  ..

Good!  You’ve reached the point that you know there is a tremendous difference in tool quality and you’re ready to buy a tool that will meet your needs today and future needs as well.  In the buying guide below, I try and give you a few things to consider when buying a planer and in each specific review try and give you things that are unique to that planer.  Let’s get started.

wood planer reviewsSnipe

You’ve heard about it, you know you don’t like it.  So what is snipe and what surface planers do the best job at eliminating it?

Snipe is the extra amount of wood that is taken off by the planer blades when you insert the wood into the machine and when you take it out.  The blades cause almost a cup or slight gouge in the wood.

When consumer planers were first introduced not too many years ago, snipe was an accepted part of planning wood.  You almost had to make your board longer than needed and cut off the parts that were affected by snipe.

Fast forward to modern times…all major manufactures have been working diligently over the last decade to eliminate this issue.  You know what?  They have been pretty successful.

Today’s machines have stronger motors with longer feed tables and sharper blades.   Yes there is a learning curve with all planers and I would certainly suggest that you plan on practicing a bit before you try and plane your expensive wood, but just rest assured, the snipe issues you have heard about have been eliminated.

How powerful of a motor do you need?

We cover horse power and motor specifics in each review but most of the planers here have motors in that will be similar.  Most planers measure RPM’s of the motor which is a measure of torque and then cutting RPS which should help you determine how clean of a cut you’ll get.

What about blades?

Most of the planers we cover will have either 2 or 3 blades.  Common sense would suggest that 3 blades would give you a smoother cut than 2, right?  But in this case that’s not always true.  Read each of the reviews to learn why each planer company feels 2 or 3 blades is right for their machine.

Most of the blades on these planers are also easily removable and disposable after lots and lots of board feet of cutting.  Think several football fields of cutting before you need new blades.

If you’re old school and prefer sharpening your blades or sending them to a service, you still can.  It’s just that as sharpening has gone up in price and blades have come down in price, it’s just now cheaper to get new ones.


Some of the best accessories can be longer extension tables.  Longer infeed tables can help you stabilize the wood and help prevent the humar factor that causes snipe.  You can make your own or most manufactures offer then at nominal prices.  Certainly well worth it if you cut lots of long boards.

The other popular accessory is dust collection.  Think your router kicks out a lot of sawdust?  The wood planer trumps it by a country mile.  You can use your shop vac with hoses and adapters or if you have dedicated dust collection, definitely hook it up to your system.

The planer has become one of my favorite tools and has allowed me to expand my woodworking tremendously.  Once you get your thickness planer, yours will, too!

To see reviews on specific models click on the links above.

I hope these wood planer reviews have been helpful.

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So good luck and go out to the shop and make something!


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