Porter Cable 698 Router Table

porter cable 698 router table


This article will review the benchtop Porter Cable 698 Router Table

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 You’ll like this router if… – You’re an occasional router table user and someone who wants a solid metal router table or you need an portable router table for multiple locations.  This is also an excellent router table if you are on a budget.


Porter Cable Router Table Review

By Mark Adams, Senior Editor, Wood Tools Magazine


If cost is a factor and you simply need a router table, the Porter Cable Router Table is a great choice.  If you want to have multiple routers to keep an often used bit always ready to route, its an great option.

However, it is unfair to compare this router table to more expensive models.

If you’re expecting features like some of the other models described in our other router table reviews you’ll probably be disappointed.  It’s not that this is a bad router table, its not.  You just have to keep in mind you are not paying much and receiving a basic, functional router table.

With that said, let’s talk about some things I really like.  I do like that the table is metal.  I think this helps keep the table flat for years.  At this price, most tables come with a plastic top.  The metal will withstand moister and never warp.

The fence does have to adjustable sliding fence halves.  Many tables in this range have only a single opening.  This is nice to keep a zero clearance opening for different sized bits.  It also has insert rings for the bit opening. 

Actually I was very surprised by this feature.  This feature is not included on many more expensive models.  You’ll really like the ring inserts if you actually use them.  They make the opening around the bit smaller which prevents the wood from snagging and causing major kickback.

Another unique feature in this price range is the starter pin.  A starter pin is very helpful in routing wood when you’re not using the fence or doing template routing.  Although this is a simple feature, it’s a tremendous safety item to have.

A miter gauge and bit guard are also included.  You’ll appreciate the miter gauge because it  will simple help you keep your wood pieces closer and straighter to the fence, insuring a better cut.  The bit guard is actually well designed and easy to use. and doesn’t restrict your routing.  It’s not like your table saw guard that’s complicated. 


If you’re looking for a basic, functional router table to start out and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Porter Cable Router table is you’re best bet.  It has many features not found in more expensive routers and because it’s metal will probably last you a lifetime.

Where to Buy

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