MLCS Router Bit Reviews

By Mark Adams, Senior Editor, Wood Tools Magaine


MLCS router bit reviewsI tried MLCS products and wanted to give you my MLCS Router Bit Reviews

Like all woodworkers, I have been guilty of buying really cheap (let’s say inexpensive tools).  You find ways to justify it.  You say I won’t use it much or it can’t be that bad…  Yes, the price is appealing and you go ahead and buy the product. 

You get home, use it and realize it doesn’t cut straight or only lasts one or two uses.  Then it finds its way to the least used corner on your shop and when you find it a year later, you ask yourself why did I ever buy that?  I should have known better.  You say I will never buy a cheap tool again.

By now you’re probably thinking how did he know I did that about me?  Ok, you’re not alone.  We’ve all been there.  This is here we should all be laughing…

MLCS Router Bit Reviews

So years ago when I first came across MLCS router bits, my first thought was why are their router bits less than what I had been paying for other bits?  I had given up on “cheap” router bits long ago.  I was bound and determined not to repeat my previous purchase mistakes.

But the low price demon inside of me was tugging at my billfold.  I actually needed a new pattern bit for some template worked I wanted to do. 

So I decided to buy the bit and even a new zero clearance insert for my table saw.  I convinced myself if the quality wasn’t what I had hoped, I probably wouldn’t lose the proverbial farm.  I resolved myself to low expectations.

OK, you know that feeling when something exceeds your expectations and you get a little excited?  When I opened by order, that’s how I felt.

The bit and plate were actually well packaged.  Well enough to prevent damage in shipping.  If they were packaged well they were probably good qualtiy products, I thought.  First, I put the plate into my tablesaw.  It actually fit tightly and worked as advertised.  This insert plate was about 25% less than was I had seen at other places.  Feeling good at this point!

MLCS router bit reviewsOn to the router bit.  Could I really have paid less and still gotten a really good product?  The zero clearance plate had given me optimism.  As I unwrapped the bit I saw that it came in a heavy plastic pouch that not only protects the bit from shipping damage but can double as a storage bag if I choose.

So far so good.  When I used the bit, it cut really well and the guide roller never got hung up or skipped.  The cut was smooth and even.  There were no burn marks or tear out.

OK, you’re thinking isn’t that what a router bit is supposed to do?  Yes, that’s what a good bit does.  The real question is…is that how a bit that’s about 25% less than other premium bits routs?  In my MLCS router bit reviews, the answer is yes!

As I have now used the bit repeatedly the bit has stayed sharp and the cut smooth.  I have also since used other MLCS router bits with similar success stories.

So for me, every now and then you actually do pay a little less and still get a great product.  I can without reservation and with complete confidence recommend MLCS router bits.

You’ll get a great bit for about 25% less than similar bits.

MLCS router bit reviewsMLCS of course sells bits individually, but you can save even more money if you buy them in a set.

I have included a link to some of their more popular sets below.  If you’re interested in router bits, check them out!

Yes, they have both 1/4 and 1/2 shank bits in most sets, just make sure you’re buying the right size for your router.

==>Click here to see all of the MLCS router sets<==

I hope this review of MLCS router bits has been helpful. 

Good luck, now go rout something!

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