Kreg prs1040


Kreg prs1040

This article will review the Kreg prs1040 router table

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You’ll like this router table if… you want to be the envy of all of your woodworking friends...If you are looking for a premium router table,  this router table will provide about any needed feature and capacity for the occasional woodworker and is built well enough to be used in a professional wood shop.  Simply an incredible tool.

Kreg prs1040 Router Table Review

By Mark Adams, Senior Editor, Wood Tools Magazine


Short of working in a professional wood shop, this table has everything you could ever want in a router table.

I’ve used many different types of tables over the years with both successes and frustrations.

With this table, I haven’t found anything I couldn’t do easily and do well with this table.

The base is sturdy and well constructed. If you’re a little taller than most people you can raise the table by a few inches. After a few hours of routing without bending you will appreciate this feature tremendously.

The top is smooth, thick and rather large. A large table top allows you to place most items on the table without the use of adjustable roller stands. This makes is easier and faster for set up and also safer to use. The thickness will keep the table flat over the years.

The fence moves side to side like a clamp down table saw fence. Not only does this just make everything faster and easier, you know you have the fence perfectly parallel to the miter track. You’ll appreciate this feature next time you’re routing the short end of the board for something like cabinet doors when the ends are perfectly flush.

The insert plate is available in phenolic or aluminum. The phenolic will probably be fine, but I think its only about $20 more for the aluminum. I personally think piece of mind is worth $20, but make your own decision.

The plate also has multiple rings to provide minimal clearance for different size bits. If you’ve ever had kickback, you’ll put a very high value on this feature.

Pretty easy to set up as a jointer, also. Takes about 30 seconds. Just drop in the included shim behind the second fence and you now have a precision jointer!  Think of it this way, you’re really getting a router table and also a jointer, two for one.

If you have ever been a hair off of a cut and then over adjusted by bumping the fence you will truly appreciate the micro-adjustment feature that allows you to adjust down to 1/5000th of an inch.  Sure is a whole lot better than trial and error.

Watch this video to see the Kreg prs1040 in action


But every item has some reservations. Realize this is a high end table designed for heavy duty use. The price does reflect this. There are many tables that will do simple routing well on occasion. If that’s all you need, you probably don’t need this table.


If you have the funds available or simply want to start out with a high end table you can’t go wrong with the Kreg prs1040.

Where to Buy

As mentioned above, I find that Amazon has the best price on this table.

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