Excalibur 16 inch Scroll Saw

excalibur scroll saw


This post will specifically review the Excalibur 16 inch Scroll Saw.

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Summary- You’ll love this saw if …You’re serious about scroll work.  If you’re just starting out in scrolling or you’re simply just ready to move up, this saw will be all you’ll ever need.  This is a premium, top of the line saw that even a professional Scroll Sawyer would love.

Excalibur 16 inch Scroll Saw

Here a few noteworthy features of this saw.


What vibration?  Take a look at the video on this page and closely watch the liquid in the cup not move as the saw is turned on.  A picture here is truly worth a thousand words.

This means that you can cut anything easier and faster and with better quality than any other saw.  The dewalt and delta have very low vibration also, but this takes low vibration to a new level

How does it cut?

Very, very well actually.  This saw like the dewalt and delta has all of the controls on top of the head so they are easy to reach.  But there are two main differences here.  One, instead of the table tilting to the left or right, the saw head actually tilts.

If you’re familiar with a radial drill press where the head tilts instead of the table, this saw works in a similar fashion.

The advantage of this is that you are always sawing on a flat table.  It’s easier to control the wood and see what you’re doing.  Ultimately you’ll get a better cut.

Most scroll sawing is actually done at 90 degrees, but I think it’s really nice to know you have excellent tilting capacity when you need or want it.

Second the other tables can be a little tough to rotate.  The Excalibur has a rack and pinion system that makes precise angle adjustment as easy as turning the knob.  Not only is precision enhanced, but you probably won’t ever be aggravated with the saw for having to adjust the table.

What’s the difference between the 16 inch and 21 inch?

They are basically the same saw except for the size of the table. There is a couple hundred dollar price difference give or take.  Most people are fine on a 16 inch table but if you’re going to do lots of work it may be worth it to you to have the extra room.


It’s hard to have concerns about a tool that is so well done.  But realize that although Excalibur Saws are at the top of the hill in quality scroll saws, they are also at the top of the scroll saw price range. 

Before you spend the $800 and up to buy one of these, just make sure you are comfortable with your purchase.  The Dewalt or Delta are excellent saws and are a few hundred dollars less.

Pretty amazing video that shows how little vibration there is with this saw.



This is a premium, top of the line saw. This saw will cut anything you need, cut it well and cut for years and years.  If you have outgrown the basic saws and want to scroll saw professionally this is a great option.   If you want a product that will make your life easy, then you can’t go wrong with this saw.

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Best wishes and enjoy your new saw!


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