Dovetail Jig Reviews

dovetail jig reviews
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This is a general overview on Dovetail Jigs.  To read reviews on particular models, click below. To read our general review and watch the video, scroll down.

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Porter Cable 4216





dovetail jig reviewes

Porter Cable Omnijig

dovetail jig reviews



Keller Dovetail Jig

dovetail jig reviews



dovetail jig reviews


MLCS Dovetail Jig

dovetail jig reviews


dovetail jig reviews

Leigh D4R Pro

dovetail jig reviews



dovetail jig reviews

Leigh R9 Pro

dovetail jig reviews


Dovetail Jig Reviews

By Mark Adams Senior Editor, Wood Tools Magazine

I can think of no other woodworking joint or technique that instills more awe and fascination to a woodworker that the venerable dovetail joint.  Its beauty and simplicity exemplified.

Even non woodworkers know that dovetails represent quality and craftsmanship.  There is no other item you can build that will illicit more emotion from you or your friends and family.

OK you know this and you’ve caught the dovetail fever and you want to get serious about dovetails.  So what’s the best way to cut them and what type of jig should you use?

Yes, you can obviously cut them by hand.  Certainly more satisfaction in doing that but that requires more skill or time to acquire than most people want to invest.  So for this article we will refer to mechanical cuts using a router and a jig.

Through Dovetails

Through Dovetails are what most people think of when they thing of dovetails.  The adjustable length tails and pins have been used for centuries and if this is all you want to cut there are some very attractive and affordable options like the Keller Jig or the Leigh R9.

Half blind dovetails

dovetail jig reviewsHalf blind dovetails are used traditionally when making drawers.  By inserting two pieces into the jig and offsetting them, you can actually cut both at the same time.  Most jigs like the Porter Cable or Leigh Jigs do an excellent job with this.

Box Joints

Most people still cut their box joints on a table saw.  Which is perfectly fine.  However, regardless of how easy articles and videos seem to make it look, it’s still pretty hard to get precision cuts without a lot of tweaking.

The process to cut a half blind dovetail and box joint is almost the same so why not have you dovetail jig double as a precision box joint cutter?

Just think, no more long set up, no more 1/64 inch incremental adjustments, just precision box joints, time and time again.

Most dovetail jigs come with box joint templates or are available as an accessory.  If you want to cut box joints, realize the Leigh R9 or Keller won’t fit the bill.  But the Porter Cable or Leigh is designed to do just that.

Router Bits

Most dovetail jigs will come with specific router bits that are matched to their machines.  If not they are affordable and readily available.  Just check before you buy to make sure you have everything you need.

Adjustable fingers

The big difference between the Porter Cable Series 4212 series jig and the Leigh D4Pro or Porter Cable Omni jig is that you can move the fingers to create variable spaced joints.

I can only imagine how much your creativity will expand once you control these features

The other main benefit to these types of jigs is that you can cut up to 24 inches vs 12 on most other jigs.  You probably won’t cut joints for large blanket chests often, but these jigs allow you to do so, if you choose.

Other types of dovetails

dovetail jig reviewsIn recent years, many manufactures like Leigh and MLCS have released template cutting systems that cut like and connect like dovetails but have more artistic shapes.  After you cut a few dovetails, this will certainly appeal to you.  Watch the video to see more.  Just remember, these are cut in your router table and make require special bits or template guides.

So this wraps us my quick overview on dovetail jigs and types of dovetail joints.  To see specific reviews of each model, click the links on this page.

Here’s a nice video to watch on cutting dovetails


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Now go out in the shop and create something!

Good luck.



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