Delta 46-460 Review


This post will specifically review the Delta wood lathe, Delta 46-460.

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Delta 46-460 Review

Is this the right lathe for you?

When you are considering a mini or in Delta’s case a “midi” lathe the first question is, is it powerful enough to cut what I need?  In this case the answer is yes.  It has a full 1 horsepower motor that is as strong as some full sized lathes. So you’re covered there.

The second question is will I soon outgrow this size of lathe.  For a lot of small lathes, the answer could be yes.  But what I really like here is that Delta sells an extension that turns your mini lathe into a full size lathe.  Better yet, you can add up to two extensions to turn a piece of wood up to 67 inches long.

delta wood latheFor me, this feature alone is enough to like this lathe.

Delta also makes another midi lathe, the Delta 46-455.  For those who are wondering what the difference between the Delta 46-460 and the Delta 46-455 besides the $150 is that the 46-460 has a 1 hp motor vs ¾ on the 46-455.

If you’re only cutting small things like pens or very small bowls the extra horsepower probably won’t be needed.  But if you ever cut bowls or anything up to 12 ½ inches wide, that extra hp will make a big difference.

The other difference is that the 46-460 has a reversible speed.  This is really helpful when sanding the finished product.

If it’s in the budget, you’ll be glad later on when you’re cutting bigger wood that you got the more powerful 46-460.

If you’re like me, you probably always will want to do more with a tool that what you originally wanted when you bought the tool.  So if you think you might need bigger one day, don’t under buy.

Depending on where you plan to cut, the stand may not be important.  For me, I like to use the manufacture’s stand because it is usually at the right height to properly turn.  I think it gives me better control.  Also, I think the stand helps reduce vibration.  Click here to see the stand.  But because this saw size is manageable, a solid workbench will work fine.

If you only do the occasional project a couple of times a year, this is an excellent lathe, especially if you think you’ll grow into it.  I have seen professionals use this lathe as well.  For a typical home user, I would expect this lathe to last a lifetime.


Vibration is the great separator between quality and inexpensive lathes.  The delta wood lathe has very little vibration.  This means a smoother cut and less wear for the user.  I cut on a very inexpensive lathe for a while and didn’t know what I was missing until I finally tried a decent lathe.

I understand quality lathes are more expensive and there are less expensive lathes available, but please don’t skimp out.  But if there’s any way you can get a lathe like this, you’ll understand what a difference a few dollars makes.

How easy is it to use?

The controls are easy to reach and use.  I’ve seen lathes where some of the controls are really hard to use.  Please don’t buy a lathe like this.  You’ll use it once, get frustrated with it and never use it again.

Chuck changes, tension controls and speed are very easy to access here.  There are lots of little things like this that make this lathe so usable.

As with any tool, the easier it is to use, the more you will like it.

Here’s a nice video from Delta that shows the Delta 46-460 in use



I have two concerns.  One is the price.  Yes, I know this lathe is more expensive than the lathes in the $300 range.  But if you buy the $300 lathe, you’ll regret it and eventually buy a lathe like this anyway.

The other concern as with any lathe is it’s not the easiest tool to use.  But don’t worry, the learning curve is small and you’ll be cutting masterpieces in no time.


For this price range, I don’t think you can go wrong with the Delta 46-460 lathe.  It has low vibration and is easy to use.  The extensions are a wonderful option to have.  Overall, a really good versatile  and expandable lathe.

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