Bench Dog 40-102
Bench Dog 40-102


This article will review the Bench Dog 40-102 router table

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This router table is for you if… you don’t have the space for a full sized router table, but you have a contractor or cabinet table saw with enough room to maneuver around the table. You’ll really like this router table if you want a full sized table with full size function with a cast iron flat table top that will last a lifetime.  

Best of all you’ll probably enjoy giving it to your grandkids one day after you have made many, many high quality projects…

Bench Dog 40-102 Cast Iron Router Table Review

By Mark Adams, Senior Editor, Wood Tools Magazine


The Bench Dog Router Table is an extension table for your tablesaw.  If your shop is tight on space, this router table was designed for you.

The wing attaches to either the right or left of your table saw and eliminates the need for additional space dedicated to only a router table.

I think a big question is does it fit my saw? Yes.  It fits almost all contractor saws.  To determine if it will fit you table saw, measure the distance of the platform from front to back.  The measurement for the extension is 27 inches deep, as are most table saws.  If you get 27 inches on your saw, you’re good.  It may be a few inches wider than the tabletop piece your are replacing, but that’s really not a big deal for most people.

Most users have a relatively easy installation.  But realize you may need to drill a couple of holes or make very minor adjustments for a perfect fit.  It just depends on your table saw. 

It doesn’t matter whether which side of the table saw you use to mount.  Either side will work.  If you install on the left side of the blade you will stand where you stand when you use your table saw and push the wood away from you.  If you install on the right sided of the blade, remember you will rout in the other direction and stand on the opposite side of the table saw.  Just make sure you have ample standing room before you determine where to install the table.

Realize this router table comes in different versions.  The basic version does not include the proplate router plate.  The other versions include the router plate and the included plate is designed to fit your specific router.  It is categorized by group, so simply check the chart to find your router and then order that specific plate.

Yes, you can leave the router plate with the router in the table (without the bit) to use the table saw or you can remove it.  When using the table saw, remove the router fence and place on the two hooks conveniently located at end of the table.

Speaking of the fence, it’s pretty easy to adjust and has a nich T-Track for added accessories.

OK, you’ve saved a bunch of space, you’ve gotten a cast iron router table for less than the price of a MDF freestanding router table.  The next important question is how well does it rout?

The benefit of cast iron is that it won’t warp.  So for the entire life of the table you will enjoy routing on a perfectly flat surface.  The heavy weight of the iron also helps prevent vibration, creating smoother cuts.

The insert has multiple adjustments so you can fine tune the insert plate for a flat surface with no high or low points.

The fence is a heavy duty aluminum that insures a tough surface and a fence that will stay 90 degrees to the table over time.  It does come with a dust port to attach to a shop vac and a bit guard for safety.  You’ll be able to rout anything you want with this fence and be really happy with it.


Realize that this table does not come with an insert plate.  The plate is about $50.  The opening dimensions are also unique to bench dog, so the bench dog plate is recommended.  You can certainly use whatever plate you like, just make sure the plate you use will fit the opening.

Cast iron is also heavy.  It can be a little tough to manage the weight to install, but some saw horses, a roller stand or a good friend can easily remedy this.


The bench dog extension table saves a ton of space.  Its cast iron surface provides professional quality, low vibration routing.  Its price allows you to own a cast iron table for less than the price of an MDF floor table.  If space is tough and you want professional features, you can’t do any better than this table.

Watch this nice video that show the features of this router table

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