Bench Dog 40-001 protop contractor benchtop router table


Bench Dog 40-001 protop contractor benchtop router table

This article will review the Bench Dog 40-001 router table

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If you already know that you would like a Bench Dog 40-001 and you’re simply looking for the best place to purchase, I’ve found that Amazon has the best prices and includes free shipping on their tables.

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Bench Dog 40-001 Protop Contractor Benchtop Router table

OK, maybe the extension or the floor models are not for you.  Maybe you would like to have a nice router table in your shop and also be able take your router to different locations.  Then you should consider the Bench Dog Benchtop Router Table.

This table is only 40 pounds.  Light enough to move around, but heavy enough to be stable when clamped to a table.  This table is also tall enough to have room for the router but not too tall to use comfortably if mounted on something like a workmate.

Most portable routers only have an open base.  I like the fact that the base is enclosed with wood.  This prevents vibration and helps reduce noise.  Router noise is fine if you’re only routing for a few minutes, but if you’re routing for any amount of time you’ll appreciate this feature.

The plate is acrylic.  You can drill holes to fit any router.  I used acrylic for years in my first router table and never had problems.  However, some people say that acrylic can bend over time.  If you want phenolic or aluminum you can always upgrade.

This router has a lightweight, but sturdy MDF with hard laminate table top.  Yes, I do think cast iron is better, but for a portable router table, cast iron is too heavy to carry around.   MDF/laminate tops work fine for this application.

Very sturdy and well built fence.  A lot of people who will be interested in this router probably don’t have a separate jointer.  Two shims are included so you can adjust the second fence and use the table as a vertical jointer.  This is really nice.  Big cost savings, too.


Once thing that I would change on this table is that the on/off switch is inside the cabinet.  It’s a little tough to access.  However, you can purchase an aftermakert external switch for about $20.  You can always add this later, but be aware before you purchase.

One other thing is that the opening in the acrylic plate is a litter bigger than I would like.  You’ll probably never have any problems, but I’ve used insert rings and really like them   I don’t want to go back.  You can solve this buy getting more acrylic plates (only about $12 each) and cutting different size holes or just buying a phenolic plate with inserts.  (about $25-40)

Neither of these are major, but just something to be aware.


For a portable router table this is an excellent choice.  For a router table that you will primarily use as a stationary table and occasionally use as a portable table, its still an excellent choice.  I’m just a fan of bench dog products.  I appreciate the quality.

Best Place to Purchase

Whichever model best suits your needs I have found that Amazon has the best prices.  For any of us who have ever ordered from Amazon, we know they have really good customer service as well.

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